20 Bestsellers 2016

November 24, 2016

Following our Marmite list of titles (those titles which are happy to remain in our warehouse), here, for what it’s worth, is the list of books which sold most units through our retail operation.  Most of those titles are deep-backlist and there are very few books actually published in 2016. We don't stock that many new titles  and where we do, quantities are typically not more than 20 and therefore unlike to feature here.  No surprises that our own publications  feature but none of the distributed books made the list. Common denominators seem to be price and unavailability elsewhere but there are some surprises too (Winogrand’s Arrival, Schmidt’s Berlin and Subotzky’s Beaufort West)

Krass Clement Impasse Hotel Syria RRB Photobooks

Krass Clement - Impasse Hotel Syria

Michael Subotzky Beaufort West RRB Photobooks

Michael Subotzky - Beaufort West

Tom Wood Photie Man RRB Photobooks

Tom Wood - Photie Man

Martin Parr Real Food RRB Photobooks

Martin Parr - Real Food

Susan Hiller J Street Project

Susan Hiller - The J-Street Project

Peter Mitchell Memento Mori RRB Photobooks

Peter Mitchell - Memento Mori

Laura El-Tantawy Post-Script RRB Photobooks

Laura El-Tawny - Post-script

Susan Meiselas In History RRB Photobooks

Susan Meiselas - In History

Eamonn Doyle ON RRB Photobooks

Eamonn Doyle - ON

Chris Killip Pirelli Work RRB Photobooks

Chris Killip - Pirelli Works

Ernest Cole Photographer RRB Photobooks

Ernest Cole - Photographer

Michael Schmidt Berlin Nach 45 RRB Photobooks

Michael Schmidt - Berlin

Ken Grant Topical Times For These Times RRB Photobooks

Ken Grant - Topical Times

Gary Winogrand Arrivals and Departures

Gary Winogrand - Arrivals and Departures

Bruce Davidson England Scotland 1960

Bruce Davidson - England / Scotland 1960

Amak Mahmoodian Shenasnameh RRB Photobooks

Amak Mahmoodian - Shenasnameh

Peter Mitchell Some Thing Means Everything to Somebody RRB Photobooks

Peter Mitchell - Some Thing means Everything to Somebody

Donovan Wylie Maze I II RRB Photobooks

Wylie - Maze I & II

Martin Parr Luxury RRB Photobooks

Martin Parr - Luxury

Lee Friedlander In The Picture Self Portraits 1958-2011 RRB Photobooks

Friedlander - In The Picture