Best Photobooks of 2015 - by Thomas Wiegand

October 30, 2015

Kicking off the end of year Photobook lists we have Thomas Wiegand of with his top 12 Photobooks of 2015.

1. Sebastian Mölleken - A 40 
Dortmund: Kettler Verlag, 2015

"Germany in a bad mood."

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2. Thomas Kläber - Am Ende der Zeit 2006-2013
Cottbus: Verlag dkw Kunstmuseum Dieselkraftwerk Cottbus, 2015

"Touching, great!"
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3. Hans Bunge (Hg.), Ernst Scheel – Fotograf 1903-1986 
München/Hamburg: Dölling und Galitz, 2015

"Seriously written and relevantly designed monograph on a forgotten photographer."
4. Karen Isaac (Photos), Kevin McCaughey (Design) - Friendly Neighbors 
Chicago: Nonporous, 2015

"Crudely risographed, about seeing off unfriendly neighbours." 

5. Viktor Kolář - Human 
Berlin: only photography, 2015

"Small, perfectly produced monograph on the Czech master photographer."

6.  Henrik Malmström - Life is one – Live it well
Berlin: Kominek Books, 2015 

"My favourite new book of 2015!!"

7. Thom and Beth Atkinson - Missing Buildings
Hwæt Books, 2015 

"A striking book in an unpretentious, but matching design"

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8. Thomas Mailaender - Status: Delivered
Paris: RVB Books, 2015 

"A book for collectors, who get a lot of parcels ..."

9. Martin Parr and WassinkLundgren - The Chinese Photobook. From the 1900s to the Present
New York: Aperture, 2015

"A lot of material, Part 1"

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10. Kurt Caviezel (Nicoló Degiorgis Ed.)  - The Encyclopedia of Kurt Caviezel
Bolzano: Rorhof, 2015 

"Diving in the world according to webcams – both amusing and frightening"

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11. Mikhail Karasik and Manfred Heiting - The Soviet Photobook 1920-1941
Göttingen: Steidl, 2015

"A lot of material, Part 2"

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12. Elena Kholkina - Your Cat
(self published), 2015 

"Charming low-budget production with prominent contributor"