Show Dogs....again

September 01, 2015

The story so far….A few months ago I was chatting to Colin Pantall about books which I could not sell. The conversation let to this blog by Colin.

The book was further featured in a blogpost on some of my photobook buying mistakes.

In spite of all the publicity this attracted, sadly most copies remain packed-away in boxes. Yes, there is a copy in Mr Parr’s famous collection of dog books. The other great collector of all things dog, Mark Power, nearly bought a copy at half-price.

However, I am pleased to report that at least one copy was put to good use: Lewis Bush created a truly astonishing piece of work while listening to the talks during Photobook Bristol in June, which he kindly presented to me on the last day. 

Here is are a selection of my favourite pages. The book will be on display at our next event in November.