12 photobooks on my mind: RRB's Scott chooses

April 01, 2015

As part of our new feature, guests choose 12 photobooks that are on their mind. First up is RRB's own Scott, choosing his favourite 12 photobooks from our catalogue. 

Not much more introduction needed, here they are: 

Anthony Hernandez
Rodeo Drive (Mack)
£42 (First Edition)

'Hernandez’s photographs reflect the problematic contradictions of free individual agency in a society governed by consumption'. See more >>

Federico Clavarino
£35 (First Edition)

'Mysterious and austere, Italia O Italia's metaphysical cities hide the enigma of a timeless place between sunburst dead-ends and shadowy arcades'. See more >>

Michael Schmidt
Ein-heit (Scalo)
£150 (First German Edition)

'merges two artistic traditions, treating photography both as a medium for describing personal experience and as a vast, impersonal resource created by the mass media'. 
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Sebastian Girard
Nothing But Home (Self Published)
£180 (One of 500 copies, signed)

'The artificial lighting gives the perception that all of the handy work is happening at night - a clandestine operation of transformation'. See more >>

Billy Monk
Billy Monk (Little Big Man)

'...his money-making scheme quickly turned into something else as he increasingly captured the raw energy of the club, its decadence and tragedy, its humanity and joy'. 
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Zhang Xiao
Shanxi (Dewi Lewis)
£85 (Edition of 300 - out of print)

'Enter the surreal wonderland of pagan China'. 
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Lee Friedlander
Cray at Chippewa Falls (Cray Research Inc)
£250 (Rare one-off edition)

'He shows the​ ​employees​ ​deep inside the machines, appearing as if they were part of the circuitry: self-made cyborgs with Midwestern hairstyles​'​. See more >>

Alec Soth
Songbook (Mack)
£40 (Second Edition)

'The work engages the real multiplicities, resonances and contradictions out of which this troubled and epic nation continues to be forged'. See more >>

Florian van Roekal
How Terry Likes His Coffee (Self Published)
£45 (Numbered Second Edition)

'I would just wait there patiently as a sort of fisherman, breathing silently, sitting still, just observing. Never knowing what would happen or when'. See more >>

Dayanita Singh
Dream Villa (Steidl)

'Singh explores the ways in which the night transforms what seems ordinary by day into something disquieting and enigmatic'. See more >>

Salvatore Santoro
Saluti da PINETAMARE (Self Published)
£38 (Softcover, edition of 1000)

'The reality is that the direction taken by mankind is far from reaching a better future which would leave our children better off​ than​ their parents'. See more >>

Tom Wood
All Zones Off Peak (Dewi Lewis)
£220 (First Edition, signed)

'Wood spent over fifteen years and shot over 3,000 rolls of film photographing Liverpool and its people from a bus'. 
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