Photobooks in boxes

December 15, 2014

A small selection of photobooks in boxes. Most are limited editions and all make perfect Christmas presents. 

...Because books aren't easy enough to wrap already. 

Erik Kessels
Models: A Collection of 132 German Police Uniforms and How They Should be Worn
£60 (Limited Edition of 800)

Unrivalled collection of German Police Uniforms. Perfect present for anyone who likes to dress-up. See more >>

Zed Nelson
A Portrait of Hackney
£45 (Collector's Edition of 250)

One of Hoxton’s Press affordable Collector's Editions. Far too cheap. And the book is good too. See more >>

Danny Lyon
Deep Sea Diver
£110 (Signed)

A book about China. The box is not as nice as Hoxton Press but it is Danny Lyon. See more >>

Martin Parr
£200 (Limited Edition of 1000)

Slightly over-the-top facsimiles of some seminal protest books. Published in an ambitious edition of 1000 copies with an ambitious price too. Brilliant production though. We have a few sets at half price. See more >>

Lewis Baltz
The Tract Houses; The Prototype Works; The New industrial Parks near Irvine, California
£320 (Signed)

Three of Baltz’s Major works in a Steidl-made slipcase, all signed. See more >>

Fernanda Pivano (Author), Allen Ginsberg (Photographer)
Beat Bible

Bonkers, surreal and utterly impractical. See more >>

Julian Baron
£350 (Limited Edition of 25)

Luxury edition, very limited at 25 copies. See more >>

Bruce Davidson
Black and White
£180 (Volume 1 signed)

Five volumes in a box. Part of the new range of Steidl sets of major figures. See more >>

Rob Hornstra
Empty land Promised land Forbidden land 
£600 (Special edition)

One of 25 copies to include three signed prints. See more >>
Olaf Unverzart
Leichtes Gepäck 
£300 (Limited edition 2 of 30)

Beautifully designed box. The book is not bad either. See more >>

Susie Parr 
Black Country Allotment Society
£19 (First Edition of 500)

Our favourite "boxed project". Contains seeds and even a CD entitled Bee Movies. See more >>

Thomas Sauvin

This could only have been published by the Archive of Modern Conflict. Apparently it was made in only 200 copies and sold out immediately. See more >>