Best Worst Photobook?

September 20, 2014

This could be the start of a very unusual feature.

Jeff Ladd sent us an email last week, having found what he thinks is the best worst photobook he's ever seen. This got us thinking - we've seen a few rather intersting titles over the years too. Before we declare our best worst photobooks, does anyone else have any to share? If so, send us an email at

Jeff: This is my vote for the best worst photobook. It was found in a free book exchange that is on the main street here in Kalk. Its a story-in-pictures of the life of Francis Farmer the outspoken, alcoholic movie actress, who was committed to an insane asylum in the mid-40s. Its was acted out by a young woman actor and photographed by Brigitte and Hans-Jurger Tast in 1979. (Kulleraugen publisher).

Here's Jeff showing us the best bits: