Black Country Women, Martin Parr and a Bristol event annoucement

October 08, 2013

Recently we were fortunate enough to have been invited to the launch of the September edition of Black Country Women which took place at West Brom Town Hall. All the photos (and we do mean ALL, purchase a copy and take a look at the adverts and recipes to see what we mean) in that particular issue were provided by *ahem* young photographer of the year Martin Parr, better known locally for his videos. 

Martin has been working with Multistory, a local community group which allows emerging and promising young photographers a chance to work with the local community, the results of which can be sampled on their excellent website. 

The actual issue of Black Country Women (co-written incidentally by no-other than famous novelist Margret Drabble and produced in an ambitious print-run of 2000 copies - though most of them were given away locally) can be be purchased on the RRB website.

We think that this is a worth-while initiative and are organising a similar evening here in Bristol. West Country comes to the Southbank on 17th January. There will be pictures, videos and music and Mr Parr has kindly agreed to be the Ringleader. And there will be a blind tasting of Pork Pies courtesy of Emma, director at Multistory, and Mark of Mark's Bread fame. 

Let us know if you are interested in attending by emailing