Marmite List 2018

January 03, 2018

Kicking off 2018 with our now classic 'Marmite List' roundup for the last year. This is the 'love it or hate it list' books we love, books we love but can't sell, books we can't even give away and books that we shouldn't have bought in the first place, there's usually at least one gem for everyone

We have a lot of exciting news on the publishing front coming this year, so we need your help to clear our warehouse! All of our Marmite List picks are on offer until January 16th, or while stocks last.


    Fazal Sheikh - The Circle - RRB Photobooks UK Fazal Sheikh - The Circle - RRB Photobooks UK

    Fazal Sheikh - The Circle

    Great little book but we still have loads. Also known as the book with no lettering on the spine which may explain why it never sold. Was at a pretty low £10 now a fiver

    £10 £5

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    Ricardo Cases & Iván Del Rey De La Torre - El Blanco (signed)

    One of our favourite books from 2016, we did not buy that many copies, only 300 were printed and our copies are signed: yet we still have some. Now £12 instead of £20

    £20 £12

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    Alejandro Cartagena - Rivers of Power

    A dark tale from one of our favourite photographers which never quite took off unlike his other books. £20 reduced from £40


    £40 £20

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    Dirk Alvermann - Dacapo - RRB Photobooks UK Dirk Alvermann - Dacapo - RRB Photobooks UK

    Dirk Alvermann - Dacapo

    In spite of his late recognition (eg Parr/Badger vol 3) as one of the most significant photobook makers, Alvermann books are difficult to sell. Reduced to £7.50 from £15

    £15 £7.50

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    Mikhail Karasik & Manfred Heiting - The Soviet Photobook

    A new entry to our stock, this is another massive Steidl Coffee table book which was remaindered before it was published (or so it seems) Must have had an ambitious print-run or one of the distributors got their numbers wrong. Whatever the reason, this is good news for all of us. Great value. Still listed by the publisher at Euro 125. Comes in one those special Steidl boxes too.

    £105 £48

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    Dirk Reinartz - Kein Schöner Land

    The original first edition of 1989. Classic photobook, very rare and expensive until the publisher found another pallet in the warehouse, a cautionary tale!

    £45 £30

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    East Zu Protokoll / For The Record

    A big mistake - our enthusiasm for all things East German photography got the better of us. It is actually a really good survey, we just bought too many. Now further reduced to £5

    £10 £5


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    Boris Mikhailov - The Wedding

    No Marmite list would be complete without Boris, and while this title sells reasonably regularly, turns out that half the time buyers are expecting an empty wedding album rather than Mikhailov's particularly unromantic brand of gritty and provocative photography, so they get returned to us almost as often as they sell!

    £30 £25

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    Keld-Helmer Petersen - 122 Colour Photographs

    One of the classic colour photobooks and rightly given the full Errata Edition treatment. We bought a few boxes and have some ever so slightly dust-soiled copies at £12 rather than £25 while stock lasts.

    £25 £12

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    Christer Strömholm - In Memory of Himself

    Neglected book by Christer Strömholm, we think it's brilliant but once again we simply bought too many. A must-have at just a fiver

    £10 £5

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    Claudio Hils - The Making of the Euro

    One of our long-term favourites and our freebie, I think we're down to our final few boxes so anyone who doesn't already have one please take a copy off our hands! Buy any other book until 16th January and you get a free copy when you add it to your basket use the code ‘MARMITE’.

    £5 £0!

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    Mikloas Klaus Rozsa

    Substantial and clever Protest book. Maybe too clever. Now reduced to £15 from a already low £24

    £24 £15

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    Ernset Cole - Photographer

    We bought several hundred copies of this and it has become one of our long-term bestsellers, despite not being allowed to put the front cover on facebook, even censored. Still cheap but we are down to our last few boxes

    £15 £12

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    Mario Testino - Lima Peru

    Just when we thought it was safe to go back to the warehouse we found another box of this mistake (and a heavy one too). Listed in Parr’s Latin American Photobook but even so virtually unsaleable for us.

    £20 £10

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    Jon Tonks - Empire

    First edition of Tonks first (and so far only) book. It went out of print quickly and became quite expensive but we found another box last year in our warehouse. Real hidden gem we're surprised hasn't already sold out!

    £100 £60

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    Annett Gröschner & Arwed Messmer - Aus Anderer Sicht / The Other View

    Another example of a book which sold well until it was included in Parr/Badger vol 3. Now £24 instead of £48

    £48 £24

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