New In - Thomas Wiegand - As Delivered

October 01, 2018

New In - Thomas Wiegand - As Delivered


The packing and wrapping of books (or the lack of it) is still one of the most passionate points of discussion amongst dealers and collectors and for good reason too.



What’s the point of going to all the trouble and expense to produce a book and then have it destroyed or damaged by inadequate protection in the mail? We have all seen absurd examples of this, gravity defining acts of stupidity which leave us speechless and equally,  marvelling at the inventiveness displayed in some of the parcels which arrive.



I always wanted to keep a pictorial record of some of better (or worse) examples but never quite got started (I am sure there are plenty out there already too)  so I was pleased to Thomas Wiegand has produced such a volume recently in a small edition of less than 12 I think. He kindly agreed to produce an English edition exclusively for us in an edition of 15. Printed on sturdy photographic paper and perfect bound it contains 42 colour pictures and is entitled “as delivered”. A few have sold already and the remaining copies can be purchased for £22.00.


Sold Out