The Marmite List

November 17, 2016

Kicking off the season of lists with something a bit different; our marmite list. Books we love, but for one reason or another haven’t sold in 2016. Not to be taken too seriously, of course, this is a very localised list which only applies to Bristol.  Don’t get too upset if you find your name on this list, you are, on the whole, in good company. And for those who have their second outing - well, we keep on buying your books, even if we can’t sell them.

All books have already been seriously marked down but we will take any reasonable offers for all 10!

Mario Testino Lima Peru RRB Photobooks

Lima Peru - edited by Mario Testino

I think we had 19 copies left at the end of 2015 and now we seem to have 21….. Returns? It’s not a bad book really. One of the few affordable books in the Latin American Photobook. Massive too. We sold over 30 copies of Yul Brynner and none of this? What does this say about our customer base?

Boris Mikhailove Maquette Braunschweig RRB Photobooks

Maquette Braunschweig - Boris Mikhailov

Any of his titles really, but we still love him.

Nicholas Righetti Last Paradise RRB Photobooks

Last Paradise - Nicolas Righetti

Opportunistic buy from a remainder merchant, serves us right. Well, we did sell one last week and celebrated. This will become a freebie to all our American customers next year, sorry.

Anouk Kruithof The Bungalow RRB Photobooks

The Bungalow - Anouk Kruithof

Another artist we love, but this one we just can’t sell: maybe it needs an artful box or some clever wrapping?

Adam Bartos Darkroom RRB Photobooks

Darkroom - Adam Bartos

We are really puzzled by this. Brilliant book for all darkroom nerds - maybe there’s just not that many left of those? Also very tall and probably would not fit onto your normal sized shelving.

Nicolo Degiorgis Hidden Islam RRB Photobooks

Hidden Islam - Nicolo Degiorgis

One of the greatest photobooks of the last few years but I guess everyone has a copy.  There is also the problem of American jobbers/wholesalers offering the book at really low prices (they dont have the stock but are allowed to list books which sort of screws it up for everyone else, Blame the American distributor and their demands for 80% plus discount plus carriage.) I am sure there is some clever marketing could be done for the US here?

John Gossage Thirty Two Inch Ruler RRB Photobooks

The Thirty-Two Inch Ruler - John Gossage

No idea how this ended-up in the long-term car park but there is is, gathering dust.

Michele Sibiloni Fuck It RRB Photobooks

Fuck it - Michele Sibiloni

Scott liked this a lot and still does. But he forgot to check how many cheap copies were floating around including Amazon, always a mistake.

Max Pinckers Lotus RRB Photobooks

Lotus - Max Pinckers

Max Is brilliant at distribution and selling and also printed a lot of copies, so there is very little hope that this will sell out too soon. Good book though and we really don’t mind sitting on it for a few years

Jürgen Schadeberg RRB Photobooks

Jurgen Schadeberg

OK, not a household name but no copies sold in 12 months? Again this a substantial large Coffee-table sort of book so maybe it’s the size. Maybe we should only buy small books, say up to 18cm and not not weighing more than 750 grams.

Christian Patterson Bottom of the Lake Fond du Lac RRB Photobooks

Bottom of the Lake / Fond du Lac - Christian Patterson

A case of optimism on our parts. One for the most over-rated book category ?

Daido Moriyama Kagero and Colours RRB Photobooks

Kagero and Colours - Daido Moriyama

We’ve had 30 copies for a couple of years but forgot to list it for sale anywhere. Very simple.



You can view the selection here.