Wiegand's Wunderkammer #2: 'Frkos'

January 14, 2014

Wiegand’s second Wunderkammer investigates Frkos, 
a beautiful Czech children’s photobook. 

There aren’t many children’s books that are illustrated with photography. Fewer than you would think, anyway. Among the few that exist, one of the most beautiful is the subject of this Wunderkammer.The book tells the story of a cheeky baby blackbird who falls out of a tree and is rescued by two children from...

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Announcing Photobook Bristol 2014

December 09, 2013

The first Photobook Weekend in the UK has been announced for June 2014.

The event will feature local photographer Martin Parr, as well as many others.

Co-hosted by IC Visual Lab and RRB Photobooks, the festival will take place between the 6th- 8th June at the Southbank Club in Bristol.

Confirmed participants include Joachim Schmid, Gerry Badger, Andy Sewell, Martin Parr, Jeff Ladd, Thomas Wiegand,...

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Wiegand's Wunderkammer #1: 'Das Leben ein Wagnis'

November 16, 2013

We are proud to present the first in a regular series from our new guest blogger, photobook expert Thomas Wiegand. In this first blog, Thomas explains why he finds Das Leben ein Wagnis, an almost totally unknown publication, so captivating.

Das Leben ein Wagnis (Life's a Gamble)
Uta von Witzleben (Text, Idea and Design)
Düsseldorf: Econ, 1964
Cloth-backed boards in slip-case. Some editions include a...

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“Much Ado About Nothing” (Dirk Bakker) A Visit to Kassel

November 13, 2013

One of the problems with the Kassel Fotobookfestival is that it is in Kassel, right in the middle of Germany, a fairly dull place without any distractions on offer. But who needs distractions when you are presented with four days of Daido Moriyama, the star attraction at this years Festival? 

I only attended for a couple of days, but still I would have welcomed some other entertainment. The...

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Black Country Women, Martin Parr and a Bristol event annoucement

October 08, 2013

Recently we were fortunate enough to have been invited to the launch of the September edition of Black Country Women which took place at West Brom Town Hall. All the photos (and we do mean ALL, purchase a copy and take a look at the adverts and recipes to see what we mean) in that particular issue were provided by *ahem* young photographer of the year Martin Parr, better known locally for his...

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Musings of a Dinosaur

May 23, 2013

A few weeks ago while unpacking some boxes I came across a very worthy and wordy Manifesto called Ant!foto. Most of the contributions were well beyond my understanding but I liked the little piece below by my favourite ex-blogger, Jeff Ladd (as in 5B4 - Photography and Books)

It is short and to the point. That's why I like it: 

"I am a dinosaur.

I still value a photograph which I can look at for...

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British Photography from the Thatcher Years

April 24, 2013

As a nod to recent events we have sourced this gem of a photobook: British Photography from the Thatcher Years.

Produced to accompany the exhibition of the same name that ran at the Museum of Modern Art, New York in 1990, copies of this book are now scarce. Ours is signed by all five photographers (Chris Killip, Graham Smith, John Davies, Martin Parr and Paul Graham.)

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November 14, 2012

Welcome to the RRB PhotoBooks blog. This blog will feature regular articles on the subject of photo books from renowned industry experts.

We have been involved with books for over 40 years, as antiquarian booksellers, publishers, and more recently, with Photobooks.
This site highlights some of the Photobooks which we like. Though most of these titles are no longer available from the publishers,...

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