Frances Hatherley - Class Slippers: Jo Spence on Photography, Fantasy and Fairytales

  • RRB Photobooks/ The Hyman Collection
  • December 2020
  • 148 x 210mm
  • 52 pages
  • Preface by Marina Warner

Written on the occasion of the publication of Jo Spence's 1982 Thesis 'Fairy Tales and Photography', or, another look at Cinderella', Frances Hatherley's essay provides the reader a guide to Spence's work and re-contextualises it for 2020 audience, highlighting both Spence's contribution to feminist and photographic histories, as well as looking at what has changed in both worlds since Spence's time. 

Available separately for the first time, Class Slippers was originally only included with the hardcover edition of 'Fairy Tales and Photography'. A softcover edition of 'Fairy Tales and Photography' is now also available separately.

This publication has been supported with funds from the Ryerson Image Centre, Toronto, Canada, home to the Jo Spence Memorial Archive. It coincides with the publication of the facsimile edition of Jo Spence’s thesis “Fairy Tales and Photography, or, Another look at Cinderella”.

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