Andy Sewell - Something like a Nest (signed)

  • New
  • Hardcover, printed acetate dust jacket, 108 pages, 54 colour plates, 28cm x 22.9cm
  • Self published, 2014

Something like a Nest explores how our idea of the countryside intersects with the stuff of contemporary culture. Creating, I hope, something that pulls with and against the pastoral symbolism we attach to this landscape, 'a sustained visual meditation. . . Sewell makes us think more deeply about what the countryside means'.

The Guardian 'He doesn't want to shatter our illusions, merely quieten them - to allow us to see the complexity of what's before us.' Financial Times 'a quiet, sophisticated book . . . With its multi-layered approach, it's neither predictable nor didactic'. Photo-eye 'a series of intensely concentrated impressions that rewards, indeed encourages, a slow, measured drinking-in.' British Journal of Photography 'The odd yet unmistakable character of English country life is revealed in an evocative new series of photographs' The Telegraph.

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