Oliver Hartung - Syria Al-Assad (Signed)

  • New, first edition of 800 copies, signed
  • Softcover
  • Publlished by Spector Books, Leipzig, 2014

Syria Al-Assad is a collection of photos of monuments and billboards erected to the greater honor and glory of the Assad family, which has ruled Syria with an iron fist since 1971.

The photos themselves are deliberately devoid of any other political statements, in contrast to the design of the book and the materials chosen. The dummy is made of cheap paper, and Hartung has said that ideally it should age and yellow. A simple glue binding has been applied and the printing is simple too, with a coarse raster. A distinctive feature of the design is that all the photos are on the right-hand page and each page has perforations, so it can be torn out. As a result the book resembles a tear-off calendar; text and image can be separated, images eliminated and the sequence adjusted. The owner of the book has all the power in the end, and nothing remains static or definitive.

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