East German Propaganda Cards

  • Collection of 50 original photographs from East Germany
  • fibre-based prints
  • Mid 1960s
  • 20 x 14 cm, with printed texts in five languages on verso
  • Excellent condition, slightly curled to edges, images and text bright and clean

These propaganda cards, most taken in the early 1960’s with some from the 1950’s and earlier, covered some of the key obsessions of the East German regime: the validation of the Republic, the justification for the Berlin Wall, the aggression of the Western Imperial Powers, and the role of the security police in stopping people escape to the West.  Some of the texts on the reverse are classic period pieces:

“In order to influence the G.D.R frontier guards, to distract them from service or to bribe them various objects are thrown over the border from the West Berlin, as f.i. Shown on the photo: a strip-tease magazine thrown at the Potsdamer Platz on August 11, 1965; a pamphlet fastened to a cardboard saucer thrown in the Potsdam area on May 15, 1965; a pack of cigarettes thrown at the Brandenburg Gate on August 13, 1965.”

Western politicians in some of the photographs include Robert Kennedy, Willy Brandt and a very young looking Richard Nixon having his passport checked on entry to the DDR.

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