Grete Reichardt - Margaretha Reichardt, 1907-1984: Textilkunst : 11.11.1994-15.01.1995, Waidspeicher des Kulturhofes Kronbacken Erfurt, 30.01-04.03.1995, Kunstsammlungen der Universitat Leipzig (German Edition)

  • 128 Pages
  • Language: German
  • Condition: New

This volume accompanied the first major retrospective on the life and work of Margaretha Reichardt. Together with the Angermuseum in Erfurt, which administers Reichardt's artistic and personal estate, the Kunsthaus Apolda Avantgarde put together a complete work-up of her life and work, which can be found in this volume. Detailed texts elucidate Reichardt's time at the Bauhaus Dessau, her study of textile art, her teachers and mentors, and fellow artists who visited the Bauhaus at the same time as her. Attached to the texts is a colored printed catalog section showing around 70 works by Reichardt and her students. The catalog focuses on Reichardt's time at the Bauhaus in Dessau. Especially interesting are the many documents, invitations, leaflets and posters of this time, which were gathered in this volume. Private photographs of Reichardt in the circle of her colleagues not only present a vivid picture of an artist. Above all, the last years of perhaps the most influential artist school of the 20th century are documented.

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