Adam Bartos - Darkroom

  • New, first edition
  • Hardcover, 80 pages, 40 colour illustrations, 37.1 x 29.5
  • Published by Steidl, 2011

Darkroom charts the physical and psychic terrain of photographic printing rooms while conveying their transition from the realm of pure functionality into historical artefact. Indirect portraits of both producer and product, Bartos' work explores the physical space linking artist to artwork and linking the tools of the medium to the signs of their use. As more darkrooms switch to digital printing or close shop altogether, we become more aware that the tangible elements of darkroom printing may one day be lost.

Bartos' recent large-format work documents and explores in equal measure the visual language and ethos of that analogue printing culture before it slips beyond our experience forever. The acrid odour of chemistry, an uncanny stillness hanging in damp air - Bartos records the descriptive aspects and spatial constraints of the darkroom but also visualizes the lab as a site of limitless creative potential, invested with as much aura as a photographic print. This is a large book, beautifully printed, as the subject would lead you to think...

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