Alejandro Cartagena - Rivers of Power (signed)

  • NEWWER / Alejandro Cartagena, 2016
  • Softcover in box-cover with pictorial wrapper, edition of 490
  • 144 pp., 23 x 30 cm

    This is the story of the tragic relationship between two bodies: a critical narration of the long and failed relationship between a society and a river. Although today it is a long and winding sarcophagus, in the past the city depended on the abundance of its stream. Centuries later, with Monterrey transformed into a regional industrial enclave, the Santa Catarina River served as border between social classes: the employers on the north side, the labourers on the south.

    The first hydraulic engineering works were carried out at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1909, wells and dikes were routed through pipes. That same year the river overflowed and caused the catastrophic flood that took over 5 thousand lives. Entire families disappeared. Since then, the river has been serving a sentence, receiving the treatment of a beast, with its future in peril. This fear, based on ignorant speeches, created in American universities and reproduced with strict fidelity in Monterrey, was capitalized by governments eager to make their power known.

    'This is a body of work I have been working on for the past 6 years. It explores the relationship between an industrial city and a river that saw its foundation and its continuos destruction because of the ill urban planning that has been done around it.' — Alejandro Cartagena

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