Bart Sorgedrager - Cold War, Civil Defense in the Netherlands 1949-1989 (signed)

  • New, shelf worn only, first edition, 500 copies
  • Hardcover, leporello format, Dutch text by Bart van der Boom
  • Published by Legermuseum Delft, 1997
  • Signed

The photographer Bart Sorgedrager made this interesting little book in 1997 in which he combines images from a booklet which was distributed to every household in Holland in 1961 informing its citizens about what to do in case of an attack. Preparation, ranging from stockpiling oil, medicine, and food as well as learning a few basic survival techniques was intended to boost morale and thus enable the country to successfully meet the ultimate test of the approaching WW III.

The archive images show staged b/w images, often hand coloured with white to highlight what is important in the image. When, later in the 80's, people realized that the tactics of a nuclear war would result in complete annihilation anyway, this little pamphlet came to be seen as a joke.

Bart Sorgedrager, with the support of the Military Museum in Delft, researched and documented remaining structures and artefacts which are still visible in Holland. His beautiful colour images pick up on the same dead-pan aesthetic as the original images and reveal the fact that these places and rooms seem as unsuited for their initial intent, as were the tips of the Civil Defense Organization. There are 34 pages to this endless accordion-style leporello, printed on both sides which is why there are essentially 2 covers. 


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