Carl De Keyzer - Congo (Belge)

  • New
  • Hardback, 27.5 x 36.7cm, 352 pages, text in English, French and Dutch
  • Published by Houten, 2010

MAGNUM photographer Carl De Keyzer (*1958) travelled through Congo for over 10 months to make this book, often in very dangerous areas. This has resulted in an unique documentary with an historic meaning.

He focuses on the ruins of colonial architecture and moments from daily life: a couple inside the Academy of Fine Arts; a child walking on his hands near a U.N. truck and the Cathedral of Bishopric.

Belgian photographer De Keyzer decided to travel through the country after reading a 1958 touristic guide, the Guide Du Voyageur du Congo Belge. This publication presented Congo as the ideal holiday destination with brand new infrastructure and stunning scenery. It described the cities and villages of Congo along with their respective landmarks, most of them built by the colonizers: churches, swimming pools for white people only, amusement parks for white people only, missions, factories, harbors, mines, prisons, etc.


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