Christian Boltanski - Kaddish

  • 1160 Pages
  • Gina Kehayoff Verlag, 1998
  • Hardcover

"With no words other than four German nouns as section headings-MENSCHLICH, ORTLICH, SACHLICH, STERBLICH, Boltanski creates an epic history of our century of war" San Francisco Chronicle Book Review. Based "on a quartet of memorable installations" by this accomplished conceptual artist, Kaddish expresses Boltanski's continuing interest in the Holocaust and "in the inherent melancholy of photography, not only as a poignant record of a life, but for its double-edged nature. It is a monumental book, over 1,100 images culled from newspapers, archives, books, postcards, found photographs and flea-market pictures, the primary aim of all Boltanski's work" Parr & Badger II As the artist most seriously concerned with exploring the cultural legacy of the Second World War, Boltanski's installations and, more recently, his books draw directly from the diverse materials of history--from official records to posters of missing children--undermining the antiseptic quality of historical research on the pain and confusion of human atrocities.

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