Christina Riley - Back To Me. (signed)

  • Straylight Press, 2014
  • Softcover
  • 2nd Edition
  • Signed and numbered edition of 100, with original print

Publishers Description:

A few years ago, Christina Riley fell into another world, a world of euphoria and delusion, mania and depression. She wasn’t sure anymore just who she was.

This madness was held in check partly by the act of photographing herself in that strange world. It was a way for her to see what might be real and what might not, an anchor to reality . . .

Snow fell from a glowing sky and the cold didn't touch me. I was the sun. I was sent there for a reason. I had to do these things. It was my path. Who I was. Flooded with euphoria and delusions, sleepless nights and alcohol. I was unstoppable.  

Back to me. is a quiet and intimate record of that time, a book of haunting photographs and terrible beauty.                

Signed and numbered in an edition of 100. Each book comes with an original, signed, 5x7 inch print.

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