Clive Limpkin - The Battle of Bogside

First edition. Penguin, London, 1972. Card Cover. First Edition. A4 format. 170+pp. A very good copy.

For thirty five years, I ran the gamut of Fleet Street as a photographer with the Daily Express, The Sketch, The Sun and Daily Mail, while feature writing for The Sunday Times and The Observer. In 1972, my book, 'The Battle of Bogside,' (published by Penguin), showing three years of fighting in Northern Ireland won the Robert Capa Gold Medal from Life magazine 'for superlative photography requiring exceptional courage and enterprise abroad.' (My photograph of the first topless girl to appear in The Sun, however, has failed to receive any official recognition). (from Limpkin's website)

Clive Limpkin took these photos between 1969 and 1972. He lets the pictures tell the story, and even then is able to step back and observe: 'I don't pretend they are a comprehensive record of the period; in exposure time they represent only three seconds in the three years they cover.' The text is sparse, but always relevant and intensely readable. I was stunned by the 'solutions' highlighted in the final pages from the British press. Limpkin finished on a positive note, and hopefully this book is still contributing to the peace process in this land. Highly recommended on so many levels: Photojournalism at it's best; History written at the time it was happening; Social commentary, both thought-provoking and balanced. (Reviewer on Amazon)

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