Dag Alveng - Summer Light

  • 1st Edition, 108 pages, 60 quadtone plates
  • Printed on 170 g Gothic Silk paper, 24 x 25.4
  • Published by Forlaget Oktober AS, Oslo, Norway 2001
Edited by Carole Kismaric Introduction by Thomas Weski. Essays by Robert Adams, Eva Klerck Gange and Thomas Weski. Dag Alveng's beautiful black and white photographs are a study, as the title suggests, in light. Taken at the Norwegian seashore, these landscapes, seascapes, and family scenes all have something to say about the play of sun and shadow and about the power of light in the Northern summer. These are quiet photographs with the remarkably rich tones that Alveng is known for, and they are exquisitely printed. They have the power to transport us to his idyllic summer, because, as Robert Adams writes, "Dag Alveng's photographs are as peaceful as their subject." This is a photo essay of a summer we would all like to spend.

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