Diane Arbus - The Libraries

  • Condition: Used, some sunning, interior unmarked.

Edited by Mary Bahr. Installation photographs by Megan Lewis. Publisher's Description Susan Sontag once referred to her library as 'the inside of my head...a map of my brain.' If a library does indeed function as a sort of x-ray of one's preoccupations, the library of Diane Arbus offers fascinating insights into her personal interests and obsessions. Through exquisite reproductions presented in a unique accordian fold-out format, Diane Arbus: The Libraries showcases books and other objects from the artist's collection as displayed in the international museum retrospective Diane Arbus: Revelations. Installation photographs by Megan Lewis. Designed by Yolanda Cuomo. With additional advice and assistance from Amy Arbus, Evan Camfield, Olga Charashyn, Marion Misilim, Anne Tucker and Sona Vogel.

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