François-Marie Banier - Grandes Chaleurs

  • Steidl, 2009
  • Hardcover, 144 pages

Paris-based photographer Francois-Marie Banier's collection of Moroccan portraits. Also a well-regarded novelist and playwright, Banier is known for his dynamic portraits of everyday people and celebrities.

Grandes Chaleurs, or “big heat”, is an impish title for a book about Morocco, a traditional country where prayer and humour connect people in an almost physical way. There is an omnipresence of the after life, of good and evil. This is the land of the lord, where people shake your hand and then immediately place their hand over their heart, emphasizing the place where people truly meet. Irrespective of their age, the pain they suffer, Francois Marie-Banier's photography captures the intimate grandeur of the looks, gestures and attitudes of an endless spiritual quest. They represent a link to the very oldest issues of humanity – misery, creation and the spirit.

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