Gerhard Gäbler and Hans Dieter Huber - Fotografien 1978 bis 1999 (signed)

  • verlag der Kunst, Dresden. 2000.
  • First edition, first printing
  • Hardcover, no jacket as issued
  • 240 x 285 mm, 112 pages
  • 94 photographs in duplex, 8 color photographs
  • Text in German
  • Signed by Gerhard Gäbler
  • Book Condition: New, opened only for signature

The illustrated book, published in 2000, deals with the early photographs of Gerhard Gäbler from 1978 to 1999. A difference between superficial events and subversive subtext is always recognizable in them: on the one hand, they are image documents that can be localized historically by place and year, but on the other hand The pictures also have aesthetic generality. They show the conditions in the socialist GDR society, in the time of change and after the reunification, and capture people in basic life situations, individuals who - symbolically condensed in photography - become representatives of a whole class.

Gerhard Gäbler's beginnings as a photographer were autodidactic. First of all, the artist, who was born in Leipzig in 1952, studied chemistry at the Karl Marx University in Leipzig, before devoting himself to studying photography at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig from 1986-1992. Since 1992 he works freelance and is represented in numerous exhibitions.

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