Harald Hauswald - Berlin-Ost

  • 128 Pages
  • Jaron, 1st Edition, 2017
  • Language: German
  • Hardcover

Berlin East The Other Side of a City Text: Lutz Rathenow Photographs: Harald Hauswald The little book lives off its good nose, gossip and talk, jokes and rumours, stories and conspicious occurrences, and a good memory of poster-roaring audacity, or of governmental attempts at control, infringements and measures, evidence given by the friends concerned (...) It isn't sensational seeking or notorious intellectual curiosity but the principle of honesty which commits the two authors, making them tear down the curtain piece by piece, cut the veil arranged to the tourist's taste, opening a view of Berlin far away from ready-made helpful sketches. Peter Wawerzinek See Harald's website for more detail: http://www.harald-hauswald.de/englisch/seiten/index_haupt.html

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