Hartwig Lohmeyer - Die Chaoten, Bilder aus Wackersdorf

  • AV-Verlag Franz Fischer (1988)
  • 1st Edition
  • German
  • 301 Pages
  • Condition: Good. Some creasing and minor chips to jacket, now in protective plastic. Binding shows some damage at title/half title pages. Internally the pages are bright, undamaged and clean with no curling or bumping to edges.

In the early 1980s plans to build a nuclear fuel reprocessing plant in the Bavarian town of Wackersdorf led to major protests. In 1986, peaceful protests as well as heavy confrontations between West German police armed with stun grenades, rubber bullets, water cannons, CS gas and CN-gas and demonstrators of which some where armed with slingshots, crowbars and Molotov cocktails took place at multiple occasions at the site of a nuclear reprocessing plant in Wackersdorf. The plans for the plant were abandoned in 1988. It is still unclear whether protests or plant economics or the death of the Minister-President of the state of Bavaria Franz Josef Strauß 1988 led to the decision.

Die Chaoten is a profusely illustrated photographic history of this protest movement, and includes a supplement detailing the position of environmental party Die Grunen to the rear. Contains ~500 black and white images of all aspects of the protest from camps, to impact of gas attacks, armed police and the aftermath, and includes a short, date by date history in German to the rear.

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