Heiner Müller - Ein Gespenst Verlässt Europa

Ein Gespenst verlässt Europa Political Poems written during November 1989 by Heiner Mueller with a photo sequence by Bergemann about the construction of the Marx-Engels monument in Berlin in 1986. At the end is a short essay by Peter Voigt on the history of the monument which was one of the prestige objects of the former regime.

In the days and weeks around November 1989, Heiner Müller wrote a series of poems, with which he reacted to the political events in Germany. The poems are a photo sequence on the construction of the Marx-Engels monument in East Berlin in the year 1986 supplemented by photographer Sibylle Bergemann. In an afterword, Peter Voigt describes the history of this monument, which was a prestige object of the then GDR government.

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