Heinrich Hoffmann - Deutscher Osten. Lander der Zukunft

  • 146 Pages
  • Soft Cover
  • Munich: Heinrich Hoffmann, Edition: 101st - 160th thousand, 1942
  • Language: German

This book by Prof. Heinrich Hoffmann was published 1942 by Heinrich Hoffmann Publishing House in Munich. The heavily illustrated book shows new German settlements in the conquered territories in Eastern Europe (Generalgouvernement, Schlesien, Danzig, etc) as well as new built infrastructure including new Third Reich architecture, BDM, Reich Labor Service and other Nazi organizations in the East and much more! A very interesting book by Hitler's personal photographer and official photographer of the NSDAP, Prof. Heinrich Hoffmann. Edited by Heinrich Hoffmann and designed by A.A. Marsani. With a Preface by Goebbels.

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