Hellen Van Meene - Japan

  • New
  • Published Koln, 2003

First edition, first printing. Unbound cardstock sheets contained in a photographically illustrated card box. Photographs by Hellen van Meene. Interview with the artist (in English and Dutch) by Karel Schampers. Includes a brief biography, exhibition history and bibliography (in English). Designed by bureau gras, Alkmaar, The Netherlands. Unpaginated (33 loose sheets printed on heavy cardstock), with 30 four-color plates printed by Lecturis and drukkerij Krijgsman.

 This first edition was limited to 2500 copies

 "The central theme in my work is photographing girls who are at the point of budding into maturity...Their attitude is still open; they are not yet committed, yet they still have this touching susceptibility, they are still themselves. The photographs are not meant to be portraits...Nor do I want to sketch a sociological image of contemporary youth...They (the models) are simply material for me.

I am mainly concerned with things such as the light fall on a white skin, bruises on an arm, hands which disfigure in water, and starting goose-pimples in frosty weather...I arrange everything to the smallest detail...While photographing, chance plays an important role..."

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