Heynowski & Scheumann - Kannibalen

  • Verlag der Nation, Berlin, 1967.
  • Hardcover with original black cloth, dust jacket.
  • 271pp.
  • Condition: Near Fine. Interior in fine condition given age, dust jacket is very good with some shelf wear to edges. In protective wrapper.

German language album which is a photo-record with extensive text compiled by Heynowski and Scheumann of the Congo/Ruanda-Urundi crisis; a period of turmoil, massacres, violence and crimes against humanity, that began in Congo-Léopoldville that began with national independence from Belgium in 1960 and ended with the seizing of power by Joseph Mobutu.

Kannibalen was produced by two prominent East German documentary film makers about a West German mercenary called Kongo Mueller. It is probably one of the greatest (if not the greatest) anti-imperialistic propaganda books and is very much aimed at West Germany. It was rediscovered as a photobook by Thomas Wiegand in an article in Fotokritik:

Noted in Parr/Badger Volume 3, One of the interesting bits about the book is that most of the photographs are NOT by Mueller but by Gerd Heidemann, who was a Stern Reporter. He is best known as the main engine behind the faked Hitler diaries which adds a surreal aspect to the whole show. It is sometimes referred to as a protest book which is slightly problematic This book was published in the DDR and all East German protest books were really devised, designed, and manufactured by the state to show their good citizens what a good place the East was compared to the West.

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