Heynowski & Scheumann - Operacion Silencio

  • 237 Pages
  • Verlag der Nation 1st Edition, 1974
  • Language: German
  • Used, Condition: Very Good. Some minor wear on edges. Paper foxed slightly due to age. Overall very good copy of fragile book.

Heynowski & Scheumann: Operacion Silencio Chile nach Salvador Allende. Edited by Heynowski & Scheumann and documented by Peter Hellmich. Right up there with Kannibalen as one of the great German Photobooks of the post-war era, at a fraction of the price.

Operacion Silencio documents the 1973 Chillean Coup. Profuse with emotive and often harrowing images the book is a powerful document of one of the most turbulent and violent events in the history of South America. Often compared to Keon Wessing's Chili September 1973 in both style and content; we feel the book is perhaps even more successful considering the careful editing of the Heynowski & Scheumann duo

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