Hiro Matsuoka - The Undescribed Dance

Hiro Matsuoka: The Undescribed Dance The second monograph of Hiro Matsuoka (Japan 1968) brings together his most recent work (2007-2010) in a self-published book entitled "The Undescribed Dance". Thirty-nine black and white photographs are accompanied by two quotations from the "The Picture of Dorian Gray" (1891), Oscar Wilde's notorious novel. In this second photographic series/book that follows "Scenes and Stories", shown at KOWASA in 2007, Matsuoka further explores the possibilities of composition in square format, while remaining faithful to the characteristic uncanny ambience encountered in most of his pictures - an ambience carefully composed on the basis of perspective distortions, illusory games of light and other optical phenomena. Fragmented and unorthodox, his frames put their attention on advertising banners, screens and glass showrooms, all elements of routine everyday life and urban recreation areas. The interplay of out of focus images and reflections produces an alienating and bizarre effect, often on the verge of surrealism. (Kowasa Gallery)