Janus van Eijnden - Cafe Eik en Linde

  • 88 Pages
  • Colour illustrations
  • 17 x 21 cm + CD and original invitation card
  • Hardcover
  • 1st Edition
  • Rotterdam : Veenman Drukkers, 2008

Janus van den Eijnden photographed the regular costumers of this century old, brown cafeacute; in the center of Amsterdam. The regular is an archetype, an unchangeable phenomenon throughout the ages. A good cafe can be relocated, redecorated and changed as much as it likes - yet regulars stay the same. Different names, in different carnal casings. Only change makes life eternal. They no longer spit onto the floor, they've stopped chewing tobacco. Soon, they won't even smoke anymore. Behaviour changes, but not the being itself. As long as the passer-by finds shelter, food and drink, a good cafeacute; will never be short of its characteristic regulars. text: Alex Mouse

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