Joachim Richau - desaster

  • ex pose, 2014
  • Stiff card cover

Dealing with the fact ... indescribable fact, the death of his daughter. The photographs - mostly recorded in Sweden - not reflect the nature of the event, but they are trying to find in abstract form equivalents for their own feelings and their ineffability, and ask so at the same time depending on the perception of death as existential part of all life. (Annette Tietz)

These are images that thematize private living conditions that portray the private in symbolic metaphors of existential states, but that consciously elude the voyeristic view. In the fragmentation, the renunciation of time and place-boundness and the omission of a linear narrative structure Joachim Richau finds the formal means to detach himself from the concrete and the immediate The comprehensive understanding of these images does not take place through the descriptive naming of a substance but from the feeling of the spiritual space Opening up through the object, the space opens up to sensitive senses, to associations that describe states and at the same time leave them in the balance.

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