John Davies & Michel Kempf - Autoroute a 26. Calais-Reims.1989.

  • Centre régional de la photographie Nord-Pas-de-Calais, 1989
  • Softcover
  • French Edition

John Davies, Michel Kempf: Autoroute a 26. Calais-Reims.1989. Alongside its work as an exhibition space, the Centre Regional de la Photographie Nord Pas-de-Calais also commissions artists to document the transformation of the area as the construction of the Channel tunnel between England and France continues. In this publication, artists Kempf and Davies document the Autoroute 26A, constructed in 1916, which passes from Calais to Reims. This important stretch of road and the countryside that surrounds it will, according to the artists, be dramatically changed by the opening of the Channel tunnel.

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