Josef Koudelka - Exiles

  • Thames and Hudson Ltd, 2nd edition, 2014
  • 188 Pages
  • Hardcover

The topic of exile is another stage in Koudelka's photographic work. Here, in photographs full of nostalgia, contemplation and alienation, he professes the feelings of being cut off and cast out. Exile elevates Koudelka's personal experience to a more broadly applicable statement. The photographs talk about the desolation of places, the absence of communication, animals lost civilized areas, sharp shadows in empty streets, and the sadness of accidental urban still life - all of which evokes a feeling of alienation in the true sense of the word. For the first time he places amongst his humanist photographs work that depicts vacated urban scenery and abandoned landscapes. More than descriptiveness, what is important here is the overall tenor of the photographs, in which human beings search in vain for their place, as if looking into themselves with some sort of inner vision.

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