Krass Clement - Berlin Notat

  • Gyldendal, 2003
  • 205 Pages
  • 25 x 31 cm (approx.)

A photograph collection of Denmark's photographer Class · Clement representing Europe, "Berlin Notat". Clement that has published more than 20 books of photographs to date, but there are never many photographers who have kept high quality so far and have earned high praise. Born in the artistic field of painter and pianist, he grew up in Paris, had a career in learning images and still photography, exceptional artistic sense, melancholic and lyrical style was the only one. Describing light and shadow, unique color scheme, unique composition, intimate viewpoint etc, Landscape, Street, Still Life, Portrait etc whatever it is, it is full of originality and it is beautiful. This book is a photo album published in 2005, a work that is said to be the highest masterpiece of Clement, along with masterpiece "Drum" handed down in 1996. In addition to dramatic and deep monochrome like steel photographs, since 2000 he has worked vigorously since 2000. Humorous colors are organically intertwined, poetic as describing aspects of the changing West Berlin before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall A documentary.

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