Krass Clement - Impasse Hotel Syria

£72 £90
  • Gyldendal, København 2016
  • Hardcover, cloth bound
  • First edition
  • 184 pages, 22 x 28 cm
Shot in Damascus, Palmyra, Aleppo, Homs and Deir Ez-Zur in 2001, Krass Clement depicts in this very personal travel and photobook a world of yesterday. In "Impasse Hotel Syria" he describes a past that is recent, but rapidly receding in global memory. Twenty years ago Clement took pictures of a country that today has undergone a complete and shocking change. An entire country and an entire people have become victims of war, and this is thoughtful and creates a sounding board when you see Clement's beautiful photographs. The photographs are lyric and seeking and casts a look back at a society that a few years ago was apparently so well, but now lies in ruins.

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