Mark Mattock - The River's Suck

£32 £40
  • Self-published, 2019
  • Hardcover, blue cloth
  • 96 pages

“Ok, so The River’s Suck is this sort of Lynchian ‘Landscape Noir,’ where casual observations and broken thoughts, gathered during a walk along a local river fining down after an end-of-winter flood, have been re-imagined into a kind  of ambiguous environmental parable. Some kind of cryptic allegory on the invisible liquid of life, oxygen, and it’s presence and flow through everything: water, air, land, bodies. A lead metaphorical role is played by the ubiquitous discarded plastic bottle; an organic looking item of litter that looks like a stranded fished that has drowned in air, its impermeable skin preventing any natural recycling and return to the landscape it had been floating through. It’s seeing the global or universal in the local and mundane. Images of the type of things that often subconsciously catch the eye are made obvious, made to detour the intellect and simply speak directly; thought triggers like lines of lyrics making a song.”   - Mark Mattock

The River’s Suck is Mattock’s fourth self published work in his unique post pastoral visual language.

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