Martin Parr - Instant Parr (signed)

  • Self Published, 2013.
  • Softcover with Paul Smith fabric spine
  • Limited edition, one of 200.
  • This copy no. 134.

On 20 April 2013 at Paul Smith's SPACE, members of the Tokyo public were given the chance to edit and sequence Martin Parr's photographs into their own unique photobooks --- Participants were given a choice of sixty different gatefold spreads, ten different slot in cover print images, and six different swatches of Paul Smith fabric for the spine The books were bound on site by a team of sewing machinists The title was then hand-stamped by Parr, with only 100 books being produced on the day for participants. Following the event Martin Parr has released 200 of his own INSTANT PARR edits. The books feature 20 of the photographer's definitive pictures and a 5-by-7-inch colour Frontier print inserted into front. This copy is one of these 200 of Parr's edits, no. 134 of 200. Condition: New.

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