Max Pinckers & Quinten De Bruyn - LOTUS (Signed)

  • Lyre/Self 2016
  • Signed copy, Hardcover, Edition of 3000
  • 195 x 270 mm, 152 pages
  • Full colour offset, Sewn bound.

Excerpt from Our Ladies of the Flowers by Hans Theys
"Sometimes the photographs contain elements that seem to suggest a rapidity or improvisational quality, e.g. somebody who strokes a cat, the flying pigeons in the park or the ladyboy who seems to wipe her eyes. This peculiar quality adds a supplementary layer of ambiguity. Is the photograph staged? And if so, why? Of course, unpredictable or uncontrollable elements make a photograph come alive, but in this particular case the unpredictable elements are a means to approach real life despite the diligent set preparation, lighting and framing. If everything would be controlled, the photographs wouldn't be ambiguous: they would only depict a staged reality. Through working slowly and diligently, the photographers create a situation in which unexpected things can take place: birds can fly, a cat can pass or a person can pluck something from his or her eyelashes." - Hans Theys

Lotus is a document of transwomen in Thailand, capturing the day-to-day lives of women at different stages of transitioning and living in a variety of circumstances, including performers and sex workers. 

The book, a reproduction of a dummy made in 2011, offers an intimate portrait of these women as they attend hospital appointments for gender reassignment surgery, interact with tourists, pose for photographs or simply spend a day at the park. All in Pinckers unmistakable cinematic style.

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