Chantal Pontbriand (editor) - MUTATIONS

  • Steidl, 2011
  • Hardcover, 412 pages

MUTATIONS, Perspectives on Photography, echoes the major tropes of photography and the contemporary world. It explores issues such as the scope of photography today, the role photography plays in social or political contexts and in different cultures throughout the world, and the links with science and other artistic disciplines. The close connections with the society and the media and the reciprocal influence of the medium with what society and media are becoming are of close concern here. The endemic relationship that technology and photography have entertained since its inception, the way this has evolved, as well as the way in which photography approaches issues of identity, gender or the way the body is conceived of in the post millennium days are questions that are investigated in more than sixty essays by international contributors discussing the work of over 300 artists from around the world. MUTATIONS is the first in a series of books published annually on the occasion of Paris Photo, the world's leading photography fair. The book is designed to be a reference book on the state of photography today. Also, for the first time, Paris Photo is holding a new event, the Live Platform which will echo some of the concerns expressed in the book, including talks, round-table discussions and performances. Structured around four main sections, Mutations, Perspectives on Photography offers a cross breeding of thematic issues, artists, art-world as social phenomena. The book was conceived and is edited by art critic and curator Chantal Pontbriand. She was the founder-editor of Parachute contemporary art magazine of which she edited 125 issues, and has curated numerous exhibitions, festivals and events mainly centered on photography, video, and performance.