Pierre Liebaert - Macquenoise

  • Le caillou bleu, 1st Edition, 2013
  • Newspaper 36 pages, binded, 29 x 38 cm
  • Off-set print, 
  • Bounded folder19 x 29 cm.

Macquenoise is the bittersweet portrait of a mother and son who live a secluded life with only animals for company, at the mercy of the seasons. From this oedipal relationship wells up a violence suffocated by a state of immobility. Sometimes, a look seems to be a cry for help, a warning that we heed while remaining mute, powerless. Macquenoise might well be the name of a dance of death. The memory of an original sacrifice from the very edge of a horizon that sighs, between light and darkness. But it is a village on the fringes of Belgium, on the French frontier. We see there the shadow of the mother, planted like a knobby oak-tree, and that of the limping son. Two characters so deeply engrained in the earth they live on that they have taken root there forever.

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