Reportage - The International Magazine of Photojournalism. 1993-1999

The International Magazine of Photojournalism [complete run of 14 issues]. Edited by Colin Jacobson. "Reportage, founded five years ago by Colin Jacobson, is dedicated to the sort of photojournalism thought inappropriate for lifestyle magazines with advertisers to consider. Handsome, in black and white and judicious editorial red, it promotes the excellence of images on the page: images qualified by text. Its stories have been about the getting of stories and the aftermath of news stories with an emphasis on the disregarded and suppressed. This is not promising, form the circulation manager's point of view. And not effective, because there's no possibility of reaching a mass circulation in uninterrupted photoreportage these days, not unless you concentrate on the home life of lovely Jane Seymour. Jacobson had to suspend publication three years ago. The last issue had Anthony Suau's photographs of shattered Grozny, Caroline Penn's Sikh women lettuce-pickers in Kent and an account of life on the road with Magnum-founder George Rodger, by his widow, Jinx. Classical photojournalism, with special appeal to photojournalists and picture editors, who tended to regard the spreads as exemplary, but commercially suicidal....." Framed at last A review by William Feaver in The Observer of Sunday 26 April 1998

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