Roni Horn - To Place - Postcards from the first 8 books 1990-2001

  • Steidl, 2004
  • Softcover; spiral bound with stiff card wraps
  • Collection of postcards from the 8 'To Place' books produced by Horn 1990-2001: Bluff Life, Folds, Lava, Pooling Waters, Verne's Journey, Haraldsdóttir, Arctic Circles, Becoming a Landscape
  • Text by Ute Eskildsen in English and German
  • Produced to accompany Horn's exhibition at Museum Folkwang, Essen, 2004
  • Very Scarce
  • Condition: Near Fine. Some shelf wear to wraps. Interior very clean and crisp. No tears to perforations.

'To Place' by the visual artist Roni Horn, is a series of ten titles focused upon Iceland and Horn’s relationship to it. It is an open series with no pre-determined end point, and while the set constitutes what Horn describes as an encyclopedia, the subjects treated and the flow from one volume to the next are idiosyncratic rather than systematic. The “to” in the title activates “place” into a verb rather than a noun; the progression of the books suggests the artist’s evolving process of placing herself in the place that is Iceland, the artist and the volcanic geology of Iceland both perpetually becoming.

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