Tengelmann - Tengelmann 1893-1968

  • ausblick, 1968
  • Hardcover, No jacket as issued
  • First Edition
  • Commemorative publication for the 75th year of the Tengelmann Group
  • Illustrations, colour photographs, gatefold pages
  • Text in German
  • Condition: Fine, Minor shelf wear


Interesting example of corporate publishing. Company histories and the photobook has been a largely overlooked area to date, however the practice of commissioning such books was prevalent in Europe through much of the 20th century and remains a facet of corporate life to this day. The photographs, when decontextualised from their accompanying text, take on a more shifting set of meanings, surrounding commerce, capitalism and globalisation in the wider context of photography.

 The company Kaffee-Import-Geschäft Emil Tengelmann was registered in the city of Bochum and opened its first store in Düsseldorf in 1893. Tengelmann operated 560 stores by 1914, selling food, drink and tobacco, and household goods for everyday use. However, it lost more than 160 stores through World War I. Tengelmanns is also notable for opening one of the world's first self-service supermarkets in 1953. Tengelmann is now a global retail and supply player, with worldwide presence. This book was commissioned to mark the 75th anniversary of the Tengelman, group and features numerous colour photographs of the places, staff and products of the group. Highly interesting and somewhat more 'conceptual' as a company history book.



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