Thomas Kläber - Am Ende der Zeit

  • New, edition of 800
  • Hardcover, 77 pp, 18.5 × 16.5 cm
  • Published by Kunstmuseum Dieselkraftwerk Cottbus, 2015

The image of man, one of the big, emotional core themes of the history of photography, Thomas Kläber has, since the beginning of his artistic career. His great interest in his fellow men and their immediate environment, even in the sensitive photographic essay 'At the end of time' clearly, in which the main character Anne Marie Jatzlauk is. The owner of the Cottbus train station drugstore stood nearly six decades behind the counter of her small shop where seemed to be frozen in time.

More than seven years, until her death, accompanied Thomas Kläber them with his camera and using the resources of photography to understand the normal, the particular and the uniqueness of their personality and present. He tells in quiet, sometimes poetic images of a woman who leads a frugal and self-sufficient life under very simple conditions. Always you can feel the mutual trust that is based on mutual respect and appreciation. In particular, the touching, sometimes emotionally charged images of Anne Marie Jatzlauks last years could only succeed through this trust. (Translated by Google)

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